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Audio-Technica Sound Burger (AT727) battery cover 3D model

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Audio-Technica Sound Burger (AT727) battery cover 3D model

Postby AudioVile » 18 Dec 2017 15:22


I have a soundburger without a battery cover. I have recently gained access to a 3D printer.

Does anyone have a ready made 3D model file for a battery cover? That would save some trouble taking the measurements and making the model myself :D

Also, the motor makes a noticeable sound when powered on (it will be overdrowned by loud music but not by quiet passages). Is it supposed to make this noticeable motor sound? I'd presume this one has never been refurbished by anyone (save I've changed the broken needle)!


p.s. Just to make clear, the sound is coming externally from the unit/motor itself. The signal coming from the audio outputs is clear without (any obvious) interference!
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