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Auto-return problems

Posted: 16 Dec 2017 00:30
by chewbaccasrobot
I have an NAD 5040 semi-automatic belt-drive turntable which has a couple issues. Whenever I cue the tonearm, or move the arm over to play a 45, the auto-return kicks in and returns the arm to the rest. I've tried spinning the platter just in case it is out of gear and no fix. Could it need old grease removed and new put on the mechanisms? The arm seems to move OK when the return kicks in. It just kicks in when it shouldn't. It plays through 12"s fine. Also, when stopping, the arm drops into rest and just shifts a little toward the platter. Kind of a pain since the power stays on and the platter keeps spinning. Could this be related? Maybe a bearing? Anyway, if anyone is familiar with the NAD, please Help It is one of my other tables so I still have food for my earholes. Thanks!!

Re: Auto-return problems

Posted: 16 Dec 2017 02:38
by eddie edirol
Im not familiar with the NAD. But there could be a part of the mechanism stuck by old grease since it doesnt properly return to the rest, or picks up prematurely. Only problem is you have to open it up to find out. Unfortunately the database on this site does not have any info on this deck.
There might be holes on the base of the unit to make adjustments to the tone arms activation points. Hopefully someone that knos this turntable can chime in.

Re: Auto-return problems

Posted: 01 Apr 2018 21:47
by royal_mile
This NAD model could be a re-badged ADC 1700DD. The turntable is similar to the BSR Quanta range but with a rather nice ADC arm.

I'm not sure if there's a service manual so it may be a matter of unplugging it, flipping it over (platter and counter weight removed) and having a look at the mechanism.

A typical auto-return mechanism will be driven by a gear on the platter spindle, this maybe above or below the top surface of the plinth. The gear will drive a large cam wheel which moves the tonearm bat to the rest. Old grease can gum up the mechanism and cause it to drag or malfunction - a clean and re-lube may Help if there are no broken parts.

A good plan B maybe to disable the auto-return by removing the cam wheel or gear wheel.