How much did your TT(s) cost?

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Re: How much did your TT(s) cost?

Post by Votkapivo » 15 Feb 2020 00:17

Dual cs 4something €50
(Came with 400 LP records of my taste)
Linn sondek LP12 1979ish €1000
Upgraded with hercules powersupply €150
Upgraded that with Used lingo 3 €900
New Cirkus bearing grommits springs and subchassis upgrade €300
Used ittok tonearm and vdhul mc10 €940
Collaro plattermat €120
So in all i’d say around €3400 for a mid spec LP
It’s ok for now. 🤗 But i guess I’ll be getting a Kore subchassis somewhere in the future

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