width of Thorens belt ?

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width of Thorens belt ?

Post by funkhawk » 27 Jul 2006 10:01

I have 2 belts for my thorens td-160 super.
1 belt: width = 4 mm (0.1575 inch)
1 belt: width = 5 mm (0.1969 inch)

The 4 mm belt runs more smoothly around the pulley.
My question is: what is the width of an original belt for a thorens TD-160 (super) ?

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Post by donovan » 28 Jul 2006 18:59

( .156 x .03 ) should be the correct replacement size belt for your Thorens deck

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Post by violette » 01 Dec 2006 19:21


The optimal lenght for the TD 160 Player is 260 mm (reply on itself).

The one and only different is that the THORENS belt allows a better elongation.

The belt is the most important part in the player because it lets or prevents the vibrations from the motor to the platter bearing and even to the pick-up.

The tighter the belt is the more motor vibrations will be transmitted.

A not elongated belt will stress the platter bearing with up to 200g. This make no sense if 20g to 30g are sufficient. Each elongation of 10mm reduce the stress of 100g.

An old belt can be used if it is elastic enough and do have the right length. To mount the belt you have to elongate the belt of 1cm.

minimum length: 260mm for pulleys up to 13mm diameter

minimum length: 265mm for pulleys more than 13mm diameter

maximum length: 275mm for all belts

A too longs belt for TD125/TD126 will fit for TD280 or TD2001. Every belt must have the right length in order to prevent too high stress to the bearing and or the motor. This will lead to noise from the bearing. If the belt jumps in the start-up phase you can adjust this by justify of the sub chassis or -depending of the type or model- by justify (tilting) of the motor.

Do not bring the belt in contact with chemical fluids. The belt must be stored in darkness. To clean the belt use carefully spirit. This should be done fast and short and dry the belt at once.

The turntables TD280/520/320III and TD2001 need a belt delimiter due to keep the belt in stable function.


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new question in an old threat

Post by laika- » 07 Jan 2009 08:11

Hi, does anyone know exact measures for TD 150 mkII belt?

And also I would like to know that have I understood this correctly.

So, when I buy a new belt. The first thing I have to do is to elongate the belt?
Really? Why replacements are not the right lenght?


best regards, laika-

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Post by tnsilver » 11 Jan 2020 08:54

violette wrote:
01 Dec 2006 19:21
minimum length: 260mm for pulleys up to 13mm diameter

minimum length: 265mm for pulleys more than 13mm diameter

maximum length: 275mm for all belts
The dimensions of the 800574 belt online seem to be all over the place and official Thorens data is no where to be found. This is being constantly exploited by after market belt sellers who may or may not be aware of the off spec status of the merchandise they distribute to the unsuspecting.

Another problematic aspect is with the none standardization of the measurements provided. Joel, for example, is apparently referring to half the length of the belt - which is the outcome of measuring the belt folded. Other references from vendors and suppliers are to the full circumference of the drive belt. Adding more complexity is the fact that these belts, due to their elasticity, are extremely difficult to measure accurately.

For what it's worth, the next best thing to official Thorens data, is the official north american Thorens distributor's data. That is fortunately available on the Rutherford Audio Thorens Turntable Belt List page.

Standard Thorens 800574 Belt Dimensions
  • Length: 496mm
  • Width: 4mm
  • Thickness: 0.9mm
Rutherford belt info page and quotes of former Thorens CEO Heinz Rohrer on the subject, do not leave the impression there's much tolerance in the specification. They make note and emphasize that even 1mm off in belt length may result in speed variations.

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