Thorens Service In So. Florida?

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Thorens Service In So. Florida?

Post by ddarch » 27 Aug 2011 11:20

Someone e-mailed looking for service on their Thorens TD – 145, particularly an erratic issue with the auto shut off. They would prefer not to ship to me, but to find someone local. The auto shut off function is notoriously difficult if you have not worked on it before. Does anyone know of anyone in that region who works on Thorens and has the competence to tackle this issue?


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Re: Thorens Service In So. Florida?

Post by jeff101352 » 21 Dec 2019 16:33

I know this is an old post, but having just acquired my first Thorens (TD-320 MkII), I am reading all 144 pages of queries and posts under VE/Thorens, and came across this one. Its fun learning and reading on this Thorens hobby. I am amazed how good these TTs sound. I pulled my LP collection out of the cabinet (dating from the 60s), and have recently doubled its size with ebay and discog purchases - almost daily, to my wife's dismay.

But I am replying because I would love to find a local (S. Fla.) expert to assist in adjusting my table, with the same shutoff issue. Everything else works great. Just moving into MC cartridges and love the sound.

So, trying to resurrect this thread in hopes....

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Re: Thorens Service In So. Florida?

Post by reardonp7 » 11 Jan 2020 18:58

Jeff, I am new to Thorens also and have a TD-126 mkIII that is in need of some help. i can't get the arm to raise off the record, or at the end when it is set to do so. I have tried everything its time for someone to tell me what i am doing wrong.
I have lowered the tone arm as low as I feel comfortable with. The lIft moves up and down just not enough to conttact the tone arm. I you know of anyone who might service this unit ANYWHERE IN FLORIDA, please let me know. Thanks,

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