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Audio-Technica ATVM95E in a TP63 tonearm

Posted: 16 Jul 2019 08:50
by jwvanwijngaarden
How do I mount a Audio-Technica ATVM95E cartridge in a TP63 tonearm on my Thorens TD-160 MkII?
For this arm one has to mount the cartridge from the underside (bolts up), instead of the traditional more convenient way one mounts a cartridge in a SME/Japanese shell (bolts down).
The tread in this cartridge is a good thing in this conventional SME-layout, but in the TP-63 headshell it seems difficult.
Any solutions available? The cartridge seems good quality, and the upgrade-path this cartridge offers is attractive.

Re: Audio-Technica ATVM95E in a TP63 tonearm

Posted: 17 Jul 2019 14:14
by apalmeri1968
Hey jwvanwijngaarden,
so i am in the same place, i wanted to mount a ATVM95E to my TP63 as well. other than buying a SCHOPPER, this is the only other option i know of:

you can see he drilled through the top of his headshell, it says TP62, but its a TP63

unless someone else has come up with a different solution?

Re: Audio-Technica ATVM95E in a TP63 tonearm

Posted: 17 Jul 2019 15:05
by jwvanwijngaarden
Thanks! Both solutions do the trick. But they both have disadvantages, the first one is expensive, and the second one is tricky, and cannot be adjusted. Beside that: I want to keep my TP63 original.
Maybe another solution is to use a small lathe and to remove the tread from the head of the little bolt, so it can move freely through the thread of the cartridge, and then can be mounted in the original way in the TP63 shell.
But having seen and read all this I think a way more practical solution is to go for a catridge that fits in the TP63, even from Audio Technica. I asked the same question to Audio Technica, and received a quick response: consult your dealer. That doesn't really help... But thanks again for your answer.

Re: Audio-Technica ATVM95E in a TP63 tonearm

Posted: 17 Jul 2019 15:24
by apalmeri1968
lol, consult your dealer. i also thought of a "captive screw" 2.5mm. those have tread only on the end and clean shaft under the head, just would have to take measurements to get it right. ... Style1.jpg