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Cleaning motors

Posted: 20 Jun 2019 03:09
by DarthMaul
I have a question. Is CRC Lectra-Motive Electronic Motor Cleaner safe on the motor of the TD126 MK III? Or should I use Caig Fader Lube? I want to see if I can clean out the replacement motor to get rid of old oils so it can run without squealing. Squealing damages bearings or shafts. Note that it is not squealing at all if I run the platter at 33rpm. The motor is dead quiet. No noise. I have not tested it on 45rpm, but know it will squeal after less than 30 seconds if I run the platter at 78rpm.

Is the former product safe on the rubber mount? I will likely use heat and a small screwdriver to carefully remove the pulley without breaking it or bending the motor shaft. (I will hold the pulley's top end when I do this so the forces don't push against the shaft.) I would be using my second smallest screwdriver for this, as it is less forceful. The pulley's removal would also be because I would not want to chance the CRC stuff might discolor or damage the pulley.

Re: Cleaning motors

Posted: 20 Jun 2019 04:24
by DarthMaul
No squealing occurs at 45rpm. Only at 78rpm. I do not have many 78rpm records, and any that I do have can be played on my Technics SL-1200MK2. The classical records I have on 78rpm are still around, but I bought the LP versions of those albums within the past year or so, so those will get played instead so I don't have to switch sides every three minutes.