Technics SL-DL5 problem

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Technics SL-DL5 problem

Post by Kramer1 » 17 Oct 2012 10:49


I just bought a broken sl-dl 5 for 40$, just to see if i could fix it.

The problem when the guy i bought it from tried it, was that the arm would not go down on 33 rpm records.

Now the problem is that it wont start at all.

Here is the info i can give you with the little knowledge i got about electronics.

The red light above the pickup comes on, but nothing happens when i press start.

The arm does not move and the plate does not start to spin.

Please help.

If you guys want pictures or more info let me know.

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Re: Technics SL-DL5 problem

Post by fscl » 17 Oct 2012 17:31

Welcome to VE....... :)

Download the owners manual here: ... -dl5.shtml

Download the service manual here: ... -ql5.shtml

IIANM, it's much like a DL-5 except with quartz lock.

Read through this topic as it pretty much covers troubleshooting Technics linear turntables:


Put "SL-DL5 in the search box for some specific DL5 tips.

Short answer, remove old lubrication, renew with modern lubes and replace tonearm drive belt.

Good luck.


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