SL-1200G tweaks?

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SL-1200G tweaks?

Post by mo-tech » 14 Feb 2020 09:09

I know the SL-1200G is already a superb turntable straight out of the box (just a add cartridge), but what would be those decent tweaks for the G worth going for?

I mean not to go anal with super-duper expensive tonearms, fancy tonearm rewirings, external power boxes etc, but just reasonably mod it as it is and keep it a single unit as possible since I love the simplicity to use it as it is and I do love that magnesium tonearm in practice (super easy to set up and to use vs more expensive counterparts and it sounds superb IMHO), those stock adjustable gel-dampened legs are also very good to use in my opinion.

So far I've put the following:
  • VdH DDT-II Special MC cartridge (owned it for over 14 years and as a high-compliance cartridge it was a good match with the G magnesium tonearm)
  • ADC LMG-1 magnesium ultralight headshell (it made it over 1,5 gram lighter and thus brought it into a better resonance frequency zone match and the original holed Technics aluminium headshell is probably not as good damper as cold drawn magnesium single piece headshell)
  • Funk Achromat II mat (made a bit clearer bass and very tiny bit clearer mids to my ear, bonus is also less static vs rubber mat)
  • KAB fluid damper (a bit better sound stage, more "3D"-like and also a bit clearer bass. I really like how it helps to operate the tonearm in quicker fashion since with my 1.4g tracking force the tonearm was a bit too light to use with hand cueing. With KAB damper it now works perfect to cue by hand as I like. Tracks warped and poor press vinyls that tended to skip noticable better also. So it's multiple bonuses with that mod in my experience)
  • VdH MC Gold phono RCA cable I got second hand (a day and night less distorted highs vs the cheap cable I had before that)

Since the RCA cable upgrade made aready a noticeable difference I've thought about tonearm rewiring with a pure silver one, but it seems to me Technics already put very good quality pure copper tonearm wires into G model (apparently better than those questionable ones in pre-mk6 1200s)? And maybe also the power cable, but not sure if it's worth the fuss in terms of sonic (stability) improvement?

What's your G mods or if there's anything else G owners would highly recommend?

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