Re: Turntable troubleshoot on Technics Sl 1610

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Re: Turntable troubleshoot on Technics Sl 1610

Post by springsteen_fan1965 » 10 Feb 2020 13:50

Morning my first post on Vinyl Engine
Over the weekend, I picked up a Technics Sl-1610 ( free). All components appear to work power, pitch etc..
My issue is with the tone arm position, it misses the record by about 1/2 inch and adjustment screw is maxed out.
I took it apart from the YouTube videos and wondering if it is an alignment issue..
Also , on return the skips across the top of the record, which i just saw a how to on how to raise the arm setting on return.
If I had to take to a repair shop, what could I be looking at and is it worth it?
Hartford, CT area

Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Re: Turntable troubleshoot on Technics Sl 1610

Post by musicmn » 12 Feb 2020 20:30

Hi, the issues you are having sound like it's really just and old grease issue with in the mechanism. I service a lot of these Technics DD full auto turntables and they all suffer from these issues sooner or later. Technics packed the mechanism with a lot of black graphite grease and over the years this grease gets very contaminated from dirt,dust,grim,bugs ect. Once this happens the auto features are the first thing to not work correctly. The solution is to remove the entire mechanism clean out all the old grease and use fresh grease to lubricate the mechanism as you assemble it. The tonearm not raising high enough is usually caused by old grease and old silicone damping used in the cueing mechanism. The old silicone damping fluid leaks out onto the cueing parts and causes them to stick. And there is a spring used inside the cue elevator (the part you adjusted to raise the tonearm height) that is covered in old grease. That spring needs to be removed cleaned and fresh grease applied so the tonearm adjustment will work correctly. As to what this will cost I can't help you with that since I don't live in your area. But is it worth getting this turntable fixed I say YES very much indeed since you got it for free in the first place. These are great turntables and if they were being built today would cost in the $1000 price range due to the fact that they are Direct Drive full automatic turntables. If you find someone to work on it and you want to use this info to let them know what the issue could be be my guest. But a good qualified tech should know what to do to get this turntable back in tip top shape. I hope this helps.

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