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Technics SL-7 45 RPM adapter

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 16:21
by clips
Hi, I own a Technics SL-7 that I am basically very happy with and mainly use for 12” records. A few days ago I tried a 7” and it occurred to me that the 45 rpm adapter did not work the way I have seen on YouToube. Turns out it’s not the original adapter I got.

(I tried to attach a picture of the adapter here but for some reason it don't work)

I have tried searching the web for places to buy the original but with no luck. That got me thinking that I got friends with 3D printers who show all kinds of stuff they been printing and if I can figure out how the original is designed and work then we can replicate it.

Now I got the manual showing the spring and the parts but I can’t see how it is attached to the disk and how it is designed so that it stay in place and “pops” up when you hold it and turn the disk anti-clockwise.

So now I wonder if there are any chance that:

1. Anyone got an original adapter for sale?

2. Could anyone please take some pictures of the original pieces so that I can understand how the design works.

Any information would be much appreciated.


Re: Technics SL-7 45 RPM adapter

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 20:12
by Jampot90
Is the adaptor easily removed?

I have a spares 'donor' (burnt out arm drive motor) so could send the adaptor from that for you in about 3 weeks (away from home at the moment).

If you don't get a better / quicker offer let me know by PM.


Re: Technics SL-7 45 RPM adapter

Posted: 30 Oct 2019 06:33
by clips
Hi Jampot90! That sounds amazing! Never tough I’d get a replay that fast after using hours searching for the parts :D

Removing it should be straight forward according to the service manual. See picture below. Maybe someone else can confirm this.

Adapter 45 remove.PNG
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The parts I need is # 1,2,3 shown in the picture below.
Adapter parts.PNG
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I’ll send you an PM.


Re: Technics SL-7 45 RPM adapter

Posted: 03 Dec 2019 17:14
by clips
As I started this tread I guess I should close it as well :D

Christmas came early this year thanks to Jampot90! :D =D>

He did as promised and sent med the spare parts and today I received this:
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It even came with instructions :D
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I've spend much time trying to find a place to buy these parts with no luck so this means a lot to me.
Thanks once again Jampot90!! I am a very happy man at the moment with a perfectly working SL-7.
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