Technics SL151MK2 / pitch control

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Technics SL151MK2 / pitch control

Post by reimwolf » 21 Oct 2019 16:20

Dear community,

the pitch regulation of my SL151MK2 works perfectly. When I change the pitch control I can hear the expected differences. But: The three lines on the LED-Display don't change at all. There is no movement to the right or the left. Is this normal? Does the Quartz-System automatically correct these lines? Or should the middle line move to the left or the right if I change the pitch control?

Thank you for your help Sorry if this has been already posted/asked. :)


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Re: Technics SL151MK2 / pitch control

Post by sylvain999 » 23 Oct 2019 16:46

Perfectly normal.

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Re: Technics SL151MK2 / pitch control

Post by scho2684 » 23 Oct 2019 18:08

That is because the pitch control is quartz locked... (the only series that have this to my knowledge: 13/14/15xxMK2)
I have a 1400MK2 here and in the beginning I was wondering my self if this was correct...
It is, the other dots are only there for cosmetics.

You will see a change in speed if you have added lets say 9% pitch and after that you press the middle button when the platter goes back to the default 33 or 45 rpm, that's where you see a bit of movement...

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