Technics slb2 turntable

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Technics slb2 turntable

Post by pdrummer » 13 Oct 2019 18:05

Does anybody know anything about a Technics slb2 turntable? I red a few posts here & elsewhere about it & I bought a new belt I sprayed all the pots and everything else that I'm supposed to do and it still doesn't want to track at 33-1/3 I noticed there are 2 holes under the platter to tweak the motor but not sure I'm doing it right or if that what there for & the Manual doesn't say anything about that, Any help would be great Thanks


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Re: Technics slb2 turntable

Post by musicmn » 13 Oct 2019 20:24

Hi Paul, when you stated you sprayed all the pots and everything else what did you use to clean them? And what did you actually spray? The contact cleaner I recommend is Caig D5 deoxit, but by no means is this the only contact cleaner available. I don't have any photos of a SLb2 but I do have photos of and SLB3 that I recently worked on and I believe this area is the same. The best way to get the cleaner into the pots is to remove the bottom and spray the cleaner in the slot that the arrow is pointing to in my picture. Also the cleaner can be sprayed right where the stem of the pot enters into the housing. Then work the wheel back and forth a bunch of times until you feel the pot loosen up. You may have to do this a couple of times to really clean the inside of the pot. Wipe up all excess deoxit before you put the pot back into the plinth. The small holes you see under the platter are also used to adjust the platter speed. These adjusters are called Variable Resistors or VR's for short. Again the best way to clean them is from the under side when you have the bottom off. I included a picture of the VR's for you to see and when you remove the bottom they should be visible. Give each VR a shot of deoxit and then using a small screw driver gently turn each one back and forth a bunch of times then wipe up any excess deoxit. Now to set the platter speed flip the turntable back upright and place it up on some books, blocks of wood or even soup cans just get it high enough so you can reach under it and adjust each VR. Place the belt and platter back on and turn the pitch wheel until you have it centered or as close as possible. The turn the TT on set it to 33 and using the small screw driver turn the 33 VR until the dots on the platter for 33/60 hrz are standing still. Then do the same for 45/60 hrz. If you want because there are holes under the platter you can put the bottom on and adjust each VR from the top side. I just like doing it while the bottom is off and the platter is spinning. Hopefully this will stabilize the platter speed. Another thing that can be done to help is to put a drop of sewing machine oil or similar oil on the motors bushing right below the pulley where the rotor shaft exists the motor. This will keep the motor spinning freely. And before you install the new belt make sure that the pulley is clean of any old belt debris and the rim under the platter where the belt rides must also be clean and free of any old belt gunk. I hope this helps you sort out the platter speed issue.
Technics SL B3 turntable 005 (Copy).JPG
External pitch control spray a shot of deoxit right where the arrow points and also where the stem enters the housing. then work the wheel back and forth a buch of times and repeat if necessary. Then center the wheel in it's travel or as close as possible.
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33/45 VR's spray each on with deoxit and rotate then gently with a small screw driver. Wipe up all excess deoxit.
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