SL-7 turntable not turning

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SL-7 turntable not turning

Post by samwarez » 01 Sep 2019 21:29

Let me preface this with stating that I am familiar with electronics and electronic repair, but this is my first experience with vinyl turntables so forgive me if I don't get the turntable terminology right.

I recently picked up a Technic SL-7 turntable off Ebay, and unfortunately I can't seems to get the the main drive (that turns the plate that turns the record) to spin. I have the tone arm working, it moves up and down, back and forth. However when I press start the tonearm lowers, I hear a click (sounds like a magnetic relay) but nothing spins. There is no movement or stuttering to indicate a lost phase in the motor.

Can anyone suggest what I check out next to get this working?

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Re: SL-7 turntable not turning

Post by fscl » 05 Sep 2019 03:15

Sounds like you've already downloaded the service manual(s).

Check the fuses to see if they're intact / have continuity.

Do you have voltage to the platter motor power board CN 1 and CN 2.

Is there continuity on the motor board coil.

Are the photo sensors for record detection good.

Is the cover switch fully depressed when the cover is closed.

Some suggestions, good luck and welcome to VE...... :)


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