Technics SL-D202 speed adj.

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Technics SL-D202 speed adj.

Post by rileymsmith96 » 19 Aug 2019 23:41

Hi there, I'm new to this forum and was hoping to get some advice on my Technics SL-D202.

I've had it for years and its a great table, but recently I was looking to spruce it up a bit- get a new cartridge, etc. I wanted to start by fixing a problem its always had, which is that every time I switch between 33 and 45 the pitch is way off. I ended up taking some bad advice off a forum to mess with the speed adjustment "screws" with a screwdriver from the holes in the platter. I ended up twisting the 45 "screw" (they are not real screws- The service manual says they must be adjusted from the under side) too far and it snapped. The manual lists the "screw" names as VR202 (45) and VR203 (33). Now the entire table won't spin, except in small, occasional bursts. The strobe light remains on. My question is then, have I made a mistake fatal to the table- is it time to junk it? I'd hate to see it go but I'm not sure what to do.

Thanks so much.

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Re: Technics SL-D202 speed adj.

Post by musicmn » 21 Aug 2019 00:32

Hi, the part you broke is called a variable resistor and as you have learned the hard way is that they should be adjusted Gently with a small screw driver. I believe they can be replaced but you will need to open up the turntable and locate the broken VR. They are soldered onto the motor control circuit board as you can clearly see in the service manual which is located in the library on this site. They are listed on page 23, the 45 VR (vr202) is a 50k ohm and the 33 VR (vr 203) is a 20k ohm. You will need to do some research and see if anyone has these for sale. First place would be Ebay and then next would be any electronic supply companies. The problem might be that you need only one item being the 45 vr. You should also check ebay to see if anybody is just selling the motor control board and buy that to replace the board in your turntable. Sometimes it's easier and cheaper going that route. I hope this helps.

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