Technics SL-BD20D Hum

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Technics SL-BD20D Hum

Post by athenasowl » 11 Jan 2019 09:07

I have a Technics SL-BD20D paired with a Technics SA-EX110 receiver dedicated to converting vinyl to CDs using Audacity software. The turntable is connected to the blue port on my PC and then the green port on my PC is connected to the Phono jacks on the receiver. I now have a very pronounced hum when I select phono on the receiver.

Up until about 2 months ago I was using an older Kenwood 5.1 AV receiver with the turntable connected to a TC-750LC preamp and then to the PC and then to the Aux jacks on the receiver and the system worked just fine. I hauled out the Technics receiver when the Kenwood gave up the ghost. The turntable was grounded to the preamp.

I have tried running the Technics/Technics combination with and without the preamp, with the turntable grounded to the preamp, through both the CD and Phono jacks on the receiver. The turntable is plugged into the AC outlet on the back of the receiver. I am waiting on a longer ground wire and am hoping that grounding the turntable directly to the receiver will fix the hum. Otherwise, what else can I do?

I would also point out that I connected the turntable directly to the Phono jacks on the receiver without going through the PC and everything worked just fine.

Any ideas out there?

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