Vintage Technics component system multiple fails

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Vintage Technics component system multiple fails

Post by chippacket » 07 Aug 2018 08:16

I have an old 1981 component system that I haven't used in years.
The amp failed many years ago after I accidentally touched the speaker wires together and was told it would have fried the output jacks? Would this be true? (SU-Z11). I still used the system for some years afterwards with a substitute amp.

In the meant time it has all been sitting in a back room unused for around 10 years now. I decided to haul it out and sell it all off but now I've discovered both the turntable (SL-B202) and the tapedeck (RS-M215) also no longer want to work.

I've just looked inside the turntable and I'm seeing what I assume is a perished belt. Most of it is stuck to the outside of the turntable and small bits just flake off and disintegrate with touch. All the mechanical side of it appears to operate fine. The motor also works fine. I've been quoted around $100 to fix it. Is it worth it or should I try buying a belt and fitting it myself? What part number would I be searching for and where is the best place to order one?

The tape deck seems to do everything but "play". I assume the head should lift up to the tape when pressed but it does nothing. Any clues or is this also not worth fixing? I haven't pulled this one apart yet to have a look. That's tomorrow's trick.

Better yet, does anyone want to buy the whole unit and repair them?

The Tuner is ST-Z11 and EQ is SH-8015 both still working.

I have to do something with this one way or another, either repair and sell (And probably make a loss), sell as it is or ditch the whole thing in the bin.

Any of you smart cookies out there with some clever advise would be kind.


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Re: Vintage Technics component system multiple fails

Post by Alec124c41 » 07 Aug 2018 15:39

A new belt is very simple to install. That, and a bit of oil to the bearings, will probably be all you need.
You are lucky your belt dried out. Some turn to tar, which makes them harder to clean out.
The SL-B202 manuals are here: ... b202.shtml
The tape deck is also likely to have failed belts.


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Re: Vintage Technics component system multiple fails

Post by Spinner45 » 07 Aug 2018 16:05

As Alec pointed out, age makes things deteriorate.
People get old....
Cars need service....
Homes need maintenence.... do electronics.

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