Don’t Set Your Tonearm Lift Too Low!

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Don’t Set Your Tonearm Lift Too Low!

Post by Sleepwalker65 » 14 Jul 2018 17:52

Sat down to enjoy my Saturday morning with a little vinyl. Side 1 of a brand new copy of Eric Clapton’s “Slowhand” playing on my SL-Q2 with three month old Audio Technica VM540ML. It gets to the end of the last song, then SCRREEEETTCCCHHH!! What the heck??? My pulse racing, I run to see what happened.

The tonearm didn’t lift high enough for the stylus to clear the thicker than typical 180 gram disc. Arrrggghhh! Under the microscope, the stylus and cantilever looked none the worse. What a relief! Replaying the record sounded unscathed. If only I set my arm lift height a little higher, I could have prevented all this drama and near calamity. I hope my experience helps someone else!!

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Re: Don’t Set Your Tonearm Lift Too Low!

Post by beat_truck » 17 Jul 2018 17:37

I had this happen with a Sherwood linear tracker on a brand new copy of Kind of Blue. #-o I think it was a combination of the thicker 180g record and it may not have been the original platter mat on it.

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