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Earth connections question

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Earth connections question

Postby diviy » 10 Nov 2017 21:36

As I am currently having my system being rebuilt passive amp,phono stage and power supply. A pic of what I have coming the guy built the cases and is currently wiring them up the cases Image
Passive fully built Image
All the cases made out of 5mm thick aluminum .

.I am currently sorting out all my cabling so tonight I put a meter between the tone arm and earth lead there is no continuity so I am waiting on a rewire kit for the arm .
I know there is a earth tag on the std arm that goes to the pcb where the phono leads connect .The pitch control was removed and cue light when the guy built the deck for me .
I have watched loads of videos on doing the phono lead swap but a little confused on the earth connections do I need to check if the pitch control earth is or is not connected where should I run earth to .
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