Philips GA 308- antiskating missing part ? And other things

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Philips GA 308- antiskating missing part ? And other things

Post by Antho » 30 Jul 2019 00:27

Hello everyone,
First of all thank you for both the resources and good spirit on this forum...

My name is Anthony and I live in France.

For the last 2 years I've rediscovered how enjoyable it is to look at, hold and listen to records, and I recently decided to get a new old turntable :-)- I love old gears.

I searched a little and settled for something from the Philips GA series, because I'm fond of the look of these machines, and from what I read here and there they can give pretty decent results for their price.

Soooo I found a cheap GA 308 nearby in the local classifieds, it seems OK when I tried it. Original GP400 cartdrige, new needle (unknow brand)

I connected it to a Pro ject Phono E preamp beacuse for now my sound system doesn't give me a phono input.

Speed seems OK (no measurement yet, just nothing audible)
Sound : not so great. Lack of medium and Low frequencies, and clearly a grounding problem considering the strong humming. AFAIK no ground connector on the turntable. I've read that the power unit provided with the preamp isn't grounded, despite having a ground connector on the box.. Could that be the reason ?

I decided to inspect the inside of the table, pretty clean, no dust nor corrosion...
But then I noticed something strange : the antiskating button doesn't seem to be attached to anything... On the service manual it seems a spring of some kind is attached to the inside part of the "fader"...
I don't know if It's related to the mediocre sound, but there shoud be something at the end of the black plastic arm right ?
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Any though, advice, comment welcome ! Thank you !

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