help fixing 45RPM on Philips 212 Turntable

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help fixing 45RPM on Philips 212 Turntable

Post by Beythoven » 18 Jun 2019 19:10


I bought this table used in good condition more than a year ago, and about 6 months ago the bulbs on the table (seen here, not my actual table) ... 62b916.jpg
went out, but the table still played fine at both 33 and 45 RPM. Shortly after, I moved out of my dorm and put the table and other things into my car. While driving around I went over a fair bit of bumps and things, and when I setup my table at the new place, it would not spin up to 45rpm when I would hit the button, instead spinning it up to 33RPM. I know it's 33 since I tried to play a record while pressing that and it played exactly the same as using the 33RPM button, which still works fine. What is strange though is that when I press and hold on the 45RPM button when I immediately start it, the table spin rapidly above 45rpm before slowing back down to 33RPM when I lift the finger off. I haven't measure the speed but I'd guess it's probably around 78RPM since I read that this table could get up to that speed with some modifications.

I read on another old forum post (here: problem with turntable Philips 212 ) that asserts "I am guessing that the bulbs under the touch switches are burned out. They are actually part of the circuit and if they are burned out, the table will not run properly."

I was wondering 1. if anyone has had this issue with the 45RPM button not getting up to speed by a major amount, and if there is something internally that I could do to quickly fix it, ie if there is some sort of other belt that may have slipped off that I could put back on or something, and 2. if anyone has any recommendations for how to actually take the table apart? At the very least I wanted to open it up and clean the innards in hope that it might help the sensors restore themselves but there aren't any resources beyond the manual on how to approach this, and that isn't very clear about where to start.

Sorry for being long winded, but thanks for any help

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