Philips Stereo Media Center 1131 inconsist and slow spinning

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Philips Stereo Media Center 1131 inconsist and slow spinning

Post by Jonatan » 03 Mar 2019 12:19

Hi all, in the attic of my grandma I found a Philips Stereo Music Center 1131. The turntable is a direct drive and offers little access to anything related to the motor. Sadly it spins inconsistently and on average about 6 rpm too slow (both on 33&45) I tried greasing the stuff I could reach without much luck. If any of you have an idea what I could try I would be delighted!

Edit: It might actually be an idler driven turntable. I'm kinda new in this world, so sorry! Under neath the platter there is a tiny pin that drives a rubber wheel which in turn drives the platter.

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Re: Philips Stereo Media Center 1131 inconsist and slow spinning

Post by paul401 » 03 Mar 2019 21:52

Welcome. You certainly have an “ idler drive” turntable, a few points to look for;
The edge of the idler wheel can become smooth with wear, so loses grip, try cleaning with a little spirit.
Check the idler sits square and central with the relevant speed notch (section) of the drive shaft or “tiny pin” to quote your question. :)
Clean the motor shaft with a cloth and a little spirit to remove any rubber residue.
Again, the inside of the platter can become contaminated with old rubber from the idler wheel, so again try cleaning with a little spirit and then clean off with a damp cloth and dry.
Clean and lube the platter spindle, careful if removing there may be a small ball bearing at the bottom of the spindle shaft, depends on design and /or platter may run on a ball race, again will depend on design of deck.

Other points, the tension spring on the idler may be worn, or need adjusting, causing lack of good contact with the platter.
The motor may need lubricating, could be running slow? But try the above first.


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