Philips HI Fi 907 Stereo.

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Philips HI Fi 907 Stereo.

Post by Moezart1 » 05 Feb 2019 12:51

Hello everyone.
I am new to this forum, and also new to the vinyl/turntables world. I am lookingyo Buy my first turntable and seeking advice. The one I am considering is an old Philips HI Fi 907 Stereo. It looks like it's in a good shape, it comes with its original speakers. It works.
Does anyone have any feedback about this particular piece? Do you have any advice? And for being a newbie, what should I be looking for to make sure nothing is wrong with the turntable?
Any input will be very helpful, thanks a lot!

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Re: Philips HI Fi 907 Stereo.

Post by nat » 07 Feb 2019 00:30

Make sure you listen to it before you hand over any cash. If it doesn't work well when you buy it, you can be sure it will be a challenge. Sure, you could fix it, but shouldn't the seller be the one who bears the burden of sorting out problems, or at least, selling very cheap indeed?

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