Philips radio/record Cabinet help

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Philips radio/record Cabinet help

Post by Skribble » 14 Jan 2019 01:08

Im having issues with my Philips/mercury(I think) turn table deck. The arm itself wont engage when i push the start button and seems to want to move past the resting point away from the record instead of towards the record. I ve recived this as a part of the home we moved into and everything works other than this. curious if there is any trouble shooting manuals or other supportive documents that I can look at. below are photos of the unit i have.

image of table

image of serial and model #

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Re: Philips radio/record Cabinet help

Post by Spinner45 » 14 Jan 2019 02:58

The usual issues are due to old lubricants and grease becoming dried out, gummy.
And the usual solution is a complete teardown, cleaning, and re-lubing the parts needed.
It's not a nice job, requiring much patience, delicate linkages, and someimes adjustments per service manual.

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