Philips 212 Vs. Philips 312

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Philips 212 Vs. Philips 312

Post by blmartin5 » 28 Dec 2018 20:28

I have both a Philips 212 and a Philips 312 Turntables. They both look about the same but I am wanting to keep one and part out the other. The 212 looks better, has all its parts but the power switch is broken. The power switch works on the 312 but it doesn't have a cartridge/needle, one sensor light is out (33) and, like I said, is not in as good a shape as the 212 (dust cover, overall cleanliness and all the lights work on the speed sensors). I am just looking for advice as to which one to fix up and which one to part out on Ebay! Anyone with any knowledge of these two would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Re: Philips 212 Vs. Philips 312

Post by eschanen » 28 Dec 2018 20:55

They both sound like easy enough fixes. It's pretty easy to replace the power switch with a slightly modified computer power switch. There are instructions out there. The 312 probably just needs a new bulb. Is it a 312 with the "green" lights or the red ones?
Sell one if you like, but I can't advise parting out a turntable and destroying it unless it truly isn't salvageable.

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