Philips Portable Record Players - 22GF300

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Philips Portable Record Players - 22GF300

Post by RedPhil » 11 May 2018 19:22

Hi all

I've just acquired a Philips portable player 22GF300. I do have a quick question on changing the stylus but before I get to that I wondered if anyone else out there is a fan of the Philips portable players of the 60s and 760s and of this particular model. I'm really taken with it - right its never going to compete with my other decks and there are some records which will never go near it but it is superb fun and cool as can be. Some photos:







I'd love to hear if anyone has any experience / views on these portable players. By the way it works superbly and sounds great. I'm sure my other portable music player (my phone) won't sound as good almost 50 years hence - in fact it doesn't sound as good now.

Anyway to my question. I can source a replacement stylus and even a replacement cartridge but can't figure out how to remove either. Any ideas. At the moment the stylus and cart are fine so I'm not tempted to replace if I don't need to but there will come a time.

Thanks for your help if you can and looking forward to hearing from any other owners / fans out there.



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Re: Philips Portable Record Players - 22GF300

Post by Ayun » 05 Feb 2019 19:13

Hey Phil - I just lucked into a Philips Portable AG4100 from 1966...but alas it has no cartridge / stylus. I am wondering if you know - will any Philips portable vintage cartridge work with my ag4100? This is all new territory for me. Thanks for any advice you may have.

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Re: Philips Portable Record Players - 22GF300

Post by smee4 » 05 Feb 2019 22:32

I love the look of these Philips units. I have one of a different model, and also a console with one of their changers that use tis cartridge type. Those long silver plug-in cartridges are capable of a very good sound. The only problem is the pins where they plug in can have contact problems and can be vary hard to fix.

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Re: Philips Portable Record Players - 22GF300

Post by KentT » 06 Feb 2019 04:24

Might not be as HiFI as separate components get. But they sound very good, and this line has been since the 1960's. They're not bad on record life either. For a battery portable, I love them. And have since I was little (the old early transistor father sold in the USA as a Mercury, I had when I was a youngster). It sounded good, and portable. If I could find one affordably, I'd own another too. Go for it. A classic!! Beats Dansettes to heck, and cordless too. Philips at their best.

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