AT-152LP - comments and possible replacement styli

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AT-152LP - comments and possible replacement styli

Post by sasi » 26 May 2019 17:18

I have a Technics SL-10 that came with the AT-152LP. Probably was used to replace the original MC-310 in it. It appears to be in good condition and tracks and sounds good.

I understand that at one point it was their TOTL p-mount cart. How does that translate in the entire cart ecosystem? How does that cart compare with the V15, 681ee-s, and others? In fact, when was that cart around - I could not put an age into it.

And if I wanted to replace / upgrade the stylus, are there any options? Considering it has a nude diamond stylus on a boron cantilever, I understand that a decent replacement, let alone an upgrade, would cost some, so let's leave any budget/generic solutions aside here. Is there something in the likes of SAS styli available?

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Re: AT-152LP - comments and possible replacement styli

Post by lini » 16 Jun 2019 16:37

sasi: Just noticed that we have an AT subforum now... *lol* Anyway, the AT152LP is from the early 80s (~ 1982) and basically the T4P/P-Mount equivalent of the AT155LC - and both belong to the high- to top-class MMs, just like quite a few competing models with similar ingredients (body with laminated cores, needle with some line-contact nudie on boron or beryllium cantilever). Mind you, that back then AT's LinearContacts still practically were renamed Shibatas, though, while AT's newer (S)LCs appear to be Ogura Vitals instead.

And no, the ATN155LC/152LP doesn't have its square-shanked nudie on a boron, but on a beryllium rod, but tapered alu isn't that bad either. Problem rather is, that AT's new VM5x0/6x0/7x0 family needles (VMNx0) are all designed for a tracking force of ca. 2 g, so that the new needles would usually not be suitable for T4P use - and the halfinch-mount needle variants may of course also be problematic in certain linear trackers due to being a good bit wider: Stereoneedles might still offer the ATN132EP for a decent price, though, which wouldn't be that much of a downgrade - and I think BBE ( also still offers the ATN152LP and ATN152MLP (MicroLine variant), though at not exactly low prices...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

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