AT95Ex upgrade?

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AT95Ex upgrade?

Post by MaineBear » 07 Apr 2019 16:31

I have the Audio Technica LP5 turntable with the AT95Ex cartridge. I wanted to upgrade to a better cartridge, does anybody have any advice about these ones? AT-XP7, AT-XP5, or VM520EBH.
Thanks for the help and advice!

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Re: AT95Ex upgrade?

Post by themisto462 » 08 Apr 2019 11:49

The AT-XP series cartridges are more intended for DJ-use (higher output, higher tracking force, stronger cantilever).

An easy solution for an update would be a needle of the new AT-VM95 series, for example. They fit well to the old AT95 generators (only the look of such a combination is getting used to).

AT95 similar cartridge with AT-VMN95E stylus:

Another solution that you could consider, would be a cartridge of the new AT-VM95 series.

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