New AT LP120X TT

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Re: New AT LP120X TT

Post by Boltman92124 » 03 Apr 2019 20:31

BMRR wrote:
03 Apr 2019 20:04
The original 1240 is $450 and it doesn't come with a cartridge. The XP5 cartridge is $80 by itself. For people who DJ, the 1240XP will be a good deal -- it'll be like getting a $30 discount on the XP5 cartridge. :)
I've seen 1240's as low as $329. I'm not a fan of that design really.

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Re: New AT LP120X TT

Post by BMRR » 03 Apr 2019 20:40

I'd like it better if the dust cover had hinges. But I guess that's what the new 140XP is for. :)