Audio Technica LP120 Issues

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Audio Technica LP120 Issues

Post by conkers97 » 06 Aug 2018 11:37

Hi all

I bought an Audio Technica LP120 a few months ago and was initially impressed with it. Over the past few months it has developed an issue where as the tone arm gets to the centre of the record the sound gets distorted rather noticeably and can really be noticed on vocals. I’ve checked alignment, cleaned records, checked tracking weight and anti skate and still no luck. Has anybody else had this issue? Could it be an issue with the needle?

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Re: Audio Technica LP120 Issues

Post by Solist » 06 Aug 2018 14:07

conkers97 wrote:Could it be an issue with the needle?
Probably. The needle tends to pick up grease, dirt etc., from the record surface. After a while it can get to a point where it is so contaminated that it starts to distort.

Either that or your needle needs replacing (if you were spinning records all day :D)

But try first to get some needle cleaning stuff. They sell those at record shops. Usually you can get a bottle with cleaning fluid and a brush. Just be gentle and dont use too much fluid or force on the needle while cleaning (always brush from the back of the cartridge to the front, otherwise you will damage the cantilever/suspension).

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Re: Audio Technica LP120 Issues

Post by plyscds » 06 Aug 2018 16:43

When you use the tonearm lift a curved bar comes up to raise the tonearm off the record. You want to make sure you have clearance between the tonearm and the down-adjusted lift the entire way across the record. If this lift is too high it may partially or totally lift the stylus out of the groove during record play. There is usually a phillips head screw in the center of this bar's lift post. If needed, turn the screw clockwise to lower the lift bar - counter-clockwise to raise it.

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