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Horning Agathons in UK - special - expression of interest?

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Horning Agathons in UK - special - expression of interest?

Postby Perfect Alignment » 17 Feb 2017 16:32

I may be putting up my Horning Agathons for sale. These are special ... they include 8ft of AudioTruth Dragon+ speaker cable directly soldered to all the drivers. All work carried out by Tommy Horning. There is a thick solid silver tail about 1m long from each speaker, so strictly for mono-block amps. The Lowther DX4 drivers were supplied with silver voice coils. The veneer is oiled elm wood, which is quite rare.

See my avatar for appearance.

A very unique speaker. It's an all rounder really, but can't be beat on naturally recorded music, voices, orchestral, anything with some real life heft to it. Also very open sounding, the big boxes just disappear.

I've no idea of the value. The Agathons plus work were £11K at the time. The Dragons were £4K. So expensive transducers in their day. Agathons from 2007, Dragons 1999. There must be 1/2 ton of silver in the cables alone!

Anyone expressing an interest please send me a PM. They are located up in the far North near Aberdeen. I have the original delivery pallets, but it this case I would far prefer to have these transported in a car rather than trust a courier. I could help by meeting half way.
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