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Posted: 28 Jan 2003 11:04
by jenny-pen-woo-woo
I have recently acquired a GARRARD sp-25 mk 3 turntable and Sony Integrated Amplifier TA-70 and Stereo Tuner ST-70. Does anyone know if these are worth anything at all? Any advice gratefully received. Please reply to


Posted: 29 Jan 2003 08:24
by euclid
I am not familiar with any of your new gear but here are a few things that may help you. The manual for at least one version of the Garrad SP25 is in the Manuals section. I downloaded it and viewed it using Adobe Acrobat Reader 5. From what I see in the manual I would classify it as a lower quality high fidelity turntable. Garrards are usually better than the very crude changers found in most common, cheap "HiFi" systems. The one in the manual is typical appears to be typical of other Garrards that I have encountered. It is much cruder than the classic Thorens, Empire, and AR turntables but it is not junk. The seperate Sony tuner and amplifier is an indictation that they are at least medium quality high fidelity components. Most cheap junk (and many high quality systems) come as a reciever, which combines the tuner, preamp (control amp), and power amp in one unit. The better quality equipment is usually split into several pieces, tuner, preamp, and power amp. Sony has made a wide range of stereo gear from common consumer gear to good Hi Fi gear. I haven't encountered any exotic, top notch offerings from Sony. They have made Professional video and audio equipment for years but I doubt that your tuner and amp are from their professional lines. Also top audio quality is not always a characteristic of professional gear! This posting might get much more response in the Turntables forum. That would be a better forum unless you just wish to sell your gear.


Posted: 29 May 2003 10:17
by blueintheface
I remember them all! The SP25 was incredibly popular in its day - the first rung on the hi-fi ladder. The TA-70 amp and ST-70 tuner were Sony's entry level units. The solid-state amp delivers about 8 Watts per channel. You don't mention speakers, but I wonder if they were the bookshelf ones Sony made to complement the amp. SS-70's? The Sony stuff was well made, and looked good. (I would buy the TA-88/ST/88 amp and tuner combo if they turned up at the right price, purely on account of their design.) If you put the whole lot on Ebay, you might get around £70 for it, probably less than you were hoping, as unfortunately none of the items are of interest to serious hi-fi enthusiasts...