TD 125mkII in SME Plinth system with SME 3009s2

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TD 125mkII in SME Plinth system with SME 3009s2

Post by Larryjg » 14 Jun 2004 23:55

Please excuse the newbie way I am doing this, but, I brought back to Vermont from Europe, a number of years ago this turntable, which I dearly loved, but am unable to use anymore due to it's size. I would like to make it available at a reasonable cost to someone who would give it a good home.

I bought it mounted in this extra plinth system manufactured by SME, which added another level of suspension to the system. It is big.

If there is any serious interest, please let me know, and will take and send pictures. To the best of my memory, the turntable worked fine, and I really take good care of things. It has been wrapped in shipping paper for years in a dry basement. The only problem I remember, is needing a repair to the tonearm wire. If I remember correctly, one channel is out. I had contacted SME, and they said to ship it to them, but I never got around to it.

Anyone interested, please let me know.


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Post by IZHAKKATZ » 16 Jun 2004 18:49

What cartridge does it have ?
What is a reasonable cost ?

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Post by fredj » 25 Jun 2004 03:55

What are the features, condition cost ? any photo ?

Fred J

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