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Grace 707

Posted: 11 Nov 2002 06:29
by Ken
Does anybody have the lock nut, washer, base plate and base damper for a Grace 707 Arm. This is basically the mounting gear for the underside of the armboard. Alternatively can anybody supply the dimensions (especially for the locking nut) and I will have a set manufactured. Ken

Re: Grace 707

Posted: 28 Nov 2002 06:11
by yvan
Hello Ken, I have one of these arms on my CJ55 Walker turntable and just went through the exercise of rebuilding a new armboard. I have opted for the smaller mounting hole size and don't use the plates or dampers. I am missing a good number of the original mounting hardware (I bought the arm used and with no manual, so I did not know better). I should be able to help you with the dimensions of the Lock Nut and Lower Mounting Plate (I do not have the nylon washers or hard neoprene damper rings, but I will be able to use a caliper and give you accurate sizing of the parts I do have -- I need to take everyting apart again anyways to paint the armboard). Out of curiosity, what cartridge make and model do you use (or plan to use) with your grace 707 arm?  I have a Denon DL-80 high output MC mounted on mine, but I can tell it's not the best match. Grado Labs also advised me they do not manufacture a cartridge that will properly mate with such a low mass arm. Mine has a satin black finish, unlike the ones appearing in most photographs, but is otherwise identical to the "silver" version. I am also missing the finger lift (the previous owner did not care to keep all the components together it seems). Yvan

Re: Grace 707

Posted: 28 Nov 2002 11:41
by Ken
Yvan, Thanks for the offer, but please do not strip your arm down. I had the chance to purchase a black Grace G707 for very little, but it had the items listed missing. I since bought a turntable with an AT 1005 Arm. When it arrived it had a note from the seller stating that he was giving up on vinyl and therefore could I find use for some of his other left overs. One of which was a chrome finish G707, complete with mounting equipment. (this only arrived yesterday. Thanks again for the offer, maybe I should measure the mounting items and I will send you the details.

Re: Grace 707

Posted: 22 Feb 2003 17:08
by cgb
Hi, as mentioned before on this forum, I am still searching for the following items: the locking nut, the washers and most important: a male 5-pin plug (or complete cable) for my 707. Thanks, Christoph

Re: Grace 707

Posted: 24 Feb 2003 03:43
by euclid
There is a copy of the Grace G707 manual on the second page of the Turntables section under Members download Area.  

Re: Grace 707

Posted: 19 Mar 2003 08:52
by ktigerb
HI all reply to Yvan re cartridge I have used both Denon DL103 and AT OC9 with Grace 707 and both work fine as opposed to the Denon DL 160 which is not the best match. regards Keith Birss ;D

Re: Grace 707

Posted: 25 Mar 2003 08:27
by ktigerb
Hi Ken You wouldn't happen to have a spare grace arm cable handy ? ::) Would you be willing to sell /trade thanks Keith Birss ;D

Grace 707 antiskate counterweight

Posted: 03 Dec 2003 18:01
by Louis Letellier
Hi everyone,

I am just a new member so I hope I won't fumble the ball.

I have an almost complete Grace black 707 arm but am missing the antiscate counterweight.

Does anybody have one spare for sale ?

If not could someone give me the weight and dimensions of the counterweight ?

Thank you