For Sale: Jico SAS-MM1 Cartridge - Extremely Rare, Barely Used

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For Sale: Jico SAS-MM1 Cartridge - Extremely Rare, Barely Used

Post by BlueGreenWhiteRed » 12 Jun 2019 22:39

Up for sale is my Jico SAS-MM1 Cartridge, used less than 10 hours. This is considered one of the finest sounding moving magnet cartridges ever made, and only 30 of them were produced. This cartridge uses Jico's famous Super Analog Stylus (SAS) with a boron cantilever. The cartridge doesn't look fancy, but it sure sounds great. Due to the tiny number of SAS-MM1 cartridges made (circa 2010), there probably isn't another one in existence with fewer hours of use than this one. If you've ever wondered what the SAS-MM1 sounds like, now is your chance.

Product info about the SAS-MM1 cartridge is at Info about the SAS stylus is at Jico still sells replacement styli for the SAS-MM1, including newer versions with ruby and sapphire cantilevers, at There are threads here on and elsewhere commenting about the SAS-MM1 and speculating about the origin of its cartridge body. One post I saw somewhere claimed the body was manufactured by Nagaoka using blueprints from a vintage Philips design. (Jico manufactures styli, but not cartridge bodies.)

I only tested out this cartridge on a few LPs when I first purchased it, and then again last year when I mounted it for another test. I had been planning to keep it for a vintage turntable project that never happened, so I've decided to sell it to help fund some other hardware.

Sale includes the cartridge with stylus, headshell, cartridge display/holder, original box, and info sheet. The box (empty at the time) was stored separately from the cartridge and display/holder for most of its life, and the box accumulated signs of handling, but the contents are all in excellent condition. Price is GBP400 including insured shipping from USA to UK, or US$475 including shipping within USA. Payment accepted via PayPal or postal service money order.
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