Wanted: Rotel RP-850 or RP-830 (any condition)

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Wanted: Rotel RP-850 or RP-830 (any condition)

Post by PJC_VT2 » 18 May 2019 02:30

Hello Fellow Vinyl Enthusiasts,

I own a Rotel RP-850 which had been set up for European use (when I got it). I have switched the voltage to 120V, but since the frequency in Europe is 50Hz vs. the U.S. 60Hz, it affects the speed of the motor. I spoke with a Rotel technician a while back and he said I needed the 60Hz capstan (pulley) to put on the shaft of the motor, because what is currently on the turntable is the 50Hz capstan (slightly large diameter); and unfortunately Rotel no longer makes this part.

The part number for the pulley is: 0134NP-16.

So, even though all I need is the pulley, I'd be willing to purchase either a RP-850 or RP-830 for parts at a reasonable price - but if someone just had the pulley that would be great.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, PJC_VT2

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Re: Wanted: Rotel RP-850 or RP-830 (any condition)

Post by TurnTableRocker » 21 May 2019 22:21

Hello from Germany !

Maybe I would be easier to change the whole motor unit incl. belt anyway. See the elder Rega / Airpax / Philips with 110V / 60HZ .

Your Rotel is a dimple " woodplayer " like much other one's. Demount the tonearm - it's a middle-weight Jelco derivat and sell the rest.

I have had this RP-850 long time ago and I have spend never any teardrop for selling this player.

Best regards,

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