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Premotec 31813

Premotec 31813 installation

Premotec 31304


Kerkeplaat 16
3313 LC
The Netherlands


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This motor is specifically designed for use in high quality belt driven record decks. The old company does not exist now. The motor can be obtained from the new company:

If you need only a few motors, then try the distributor:

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motor pulley

This is nice, I have found the site for these motors, but where and or how does one get the shaft pulleys, & what gear ratios, if any are quoted.? Regards.

Source link for Premotec Turntable Motor 9904 111 31813


Mclennan are the distributor for Premotec, they will deal direct even for one off's and they will ship world-wide (except for Germany and the USA). Turntable motors are at -

Premotec's official website now redirects to Allied Motion but their products can be found at -


Premotec motors

Has anyone had experience of the Premotec motors

Common fitment

They are very common in commercial decks like Linn, Rega, Audio Note, Systemdek etc

micro seiki bl 111 or sx111 fv turntables

To my knowledge these motors are impossible to find. As Micro Seiki went bankrupt several years ago. Restoring these motors looks like the only choice. Here below is a website from a Japanese firm that maintains and restores Micro Seiki valuable turntables. There are pictures of every step in the repairing or restoration process, also for the SX-111FV and the BL-111. Sadly it is in Japanese only. But maybe you can contact this person one way or the other.
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