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Zeta Arm Reviews

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Zeta Arm

Zeta Arm

10/10 by Ticat

I still use (as my daily drive) a Zeta and have for many years, after having previously using SME 3009, Mission (original silicon damped), Dynavector 707 and even the venerable FR64. Best of the lot and still functioning wonderfully, like the finely crafted device that it is. PS... bearings are as tight as a ..... ....(fill in the blanks)

10/10 by krellpam1

Superb tonearm sounds amazing with the Goldbug Mr Brier also sounds superb with any of the Koetsu cartridges deep powerful bass but also detailed and extended. Treble ha great detail but also natural sounding unlike the bright sounding Ittok or Ekos arms thankfully toned down in the Ekos. I use mine on an Alphson Sonata also sound good on an LP12 if used with Koetsu cartridges and another good table for this arm is the Gyrodek.

9/10 by Gareth W

I had a Zeta on a Gyrodeck and it was a great match for the Ortofon MC2000. It felt like a real quality item and sounded like it too. If you are looking for an arm to use with a quality moving coil cartridge this would be a great choice.

10/10 by dcbingaman

Another gem from the famous and talented Mick Gray. I had one on a VPI HW-19 a few years ago - one of the best arms I've ever had and I've missed it since I traded it for an FR-64fx, (to get a removable headshell.) I have since acquired both a Mission Mechanic (a Zeta on steroids), and a Sumiko MDC-800 (ie. Breuer on steroids). The Zeta would hold its own with all three of these arms. Especially good with low compliance MC's (Denon 103, etc.). Highly recommended and appreciating in value. Get one while you can, because they just don't make them like this anymore.

10/10 by maz1957

I have had several Zeta's now and I still have several turntables to play with. If you take away all the BS about the Zeta from the established players as mention in the review above the Zeta is clearly one of the best around and MUCH better than a Linn Ittok or Ekos tonearm. I use mine on an Alphason Sonata with a Genesis 2000 mk2 cartridge and I am very pleased with it. I also have a Linn Sondek with Ekos mk 2 and an Arkive and the Sonata turntable is clearly better in so many ways. We all have our favourite equipment and a musical evening I had with friends the general opinion was that the Oracle premier I had with Graham phanton and Koetsu Urushi Gold was their preferred turntable more on looks than anything else. Back to the zeta with the right cartridge it gives a wide open sound stage with great detail. Precision engineering done properly its still a bargain even today.

9/10 by atc333

As the word slowly gets out again, people are rediscovering this arm, as prices on Ebay and other sites have practically doubled over the past 4 years. It is beautifully made and when directly compared to the Ittok and Syrinx 2, simply better. Works wonderfully with EMT cartridges, as well as the Grado Reference and Statement. Very hard to go wrong with this arm, even when considering today's prices. The later version, with the optional wiring and cable is the one to look for as the higher quality internal wiring was an improvement.

8/10 by rattyvee

I use mine on an Oracle Delphi and it sounds very good indeed. I've used the Naim Aro, Linn Ittok and Ekos, and the Rega RB300. I prefer the Zeta. The arm lift/lower was loose but I never use one anyway so removed it rather than fixing it. VTA adjustment is simple enough. It's beautifully finished, to my eyes, and is a pleasure to use. Bass goes deep deep down, top end is delicious, liquid and full of timbral and spacial information. Highly recommended. Great value now.
I paid £550 in 2005 for an Oracle mk3 with the Zeta and I think I got a screaming bargain.
Take the 'variable bearing quality' stories with a pinch of salt too, those rumours were just that, rumours spread by the established big players panicking when they heard the Zeta.

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