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Transcriptors Fluid Reviews

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Transcriptors Fluid

Transcriptors Fluid

7/10 by abril

Lived with it for many years on a Hydraulic Ref - quite easy set up compared to the Hadcock 228.
Used with a number of cartridges from ADC VLM to Ortofon MC15 and seemed to cope with them well.
Easily adjusted with the auxiliary weight and settings stayed put.
Not really suited to low compliance cartridges - even the 10in one I had.

8/10 by Rana Ali

I can totally agree with the previous reviewer (paoloop). Over the last 30 years, I've had various ARs, Linns, a Roksan Artemiz, a Rega RB600 and most recently an expensively rebuilt Zeta. However on a modest Saturn turntable, I am getting transients and dynamics like no other TT/arm combination I've ever had. I'm currently using it with a Denon DL160. Bass is defined but not very extended, though I have to use the subsonic filter. Not entirely neutral, but in terms of lateral imagery, vocal projection and foot-tapping rhythm and musicality, it shows all my previous TTs the door (yes, including the Linn).

8/10 by paoloop

A very underestimated tonearm..many users trew it away in favour of SME in the early Transcriptors Hydraulic turntable. time goes by I find it more and more interesting: unipivot, with fluid bed, quite light (so better with high compliance cartridges), very good tracer, clean and dynamic supports also medium weight MCs with very good responses; transients are one of its strenghts; VTA and lateral balance are adjustable; it predates many modern unipivots which are indebted to the turntable.

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