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Technics EPA 500 Reviews

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Technics EPA 500

Technics EPA 500

10/10 by Brownlow

I did not know what to expect, however, I am one happy fellow. Absolutely excellent, if you are in the market for a used tonearm, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with listening with one of these.

10/10 by Peter4103

Absolutely superior tonearm. I have had my share of tonearms, but this beauty is certainly the best so far. And very easy to install and use. Make sure to follow the tonearm compliance, which is easily found in the chart on the last page of the manual. There are various arms for various different carts. To swap the tonearm is as easy as removing a headshell. However, mounting a new cart is a bit more tricky due to the fact that the whole tonearm is a bit more difficult to handle than just the headshell. But once installed, it is a great experience. The EPA 500 is very hard to find though in good condition.

10/10 by hullevad

It makes the patience and effort worth matching cartridge and arm, if possible.I were on the lookout for a M armtube for 5 years and got a NOS, matches my Audio Technica ART 7 perfectly. Armtube Cu must match that of the cartridge exactly according to japanese data (100hz). The best arm?Yes when matched with a proper cartridge.

10/10 by marco_63

Superb tonearm!

10/10 by Ronald de Carvalho

10/10 by florestan

a superb tonearm, executed with outmost care in every details, from the lock system to the antiskating device. The decoupled and damped counteweight is a thing of beauty and really is efective. This arm deserve to be used in any very high quality turntable, Technics sp10 of course but also other maker: in my current turntable it is reaaly working beautifully as it did on a friend's micro-seiki. The possibility to interchange armtube to adapt to different cartridges compliance is also very interesting and as far as i know only offered now by Moech. Very highly recomended

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