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Syrinx PU3 Reviews

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Syrinx PU3

Syrinx PU3

9/10 by krellpam1

A very nice sounding arm in fact I much prefer this on a Linn LP12 than either an Ittok or Ekos arm the Syrinx PU3 is sweeter and more open sounding good competition for the Alphason 100S these two in my view are the best sounding tonearms for the LP12 wait just a minute forgot the Naim Arrow another superb arm for the vulnerable LP12.

9/10 by warrenmmmmm

Too little use as yet to give it a 10, but, rewired with Cardas, an extraordinary tonearm when used with my Shelter 501 Mk2 on my Once Analog turntable - tracking is nothing short of mind-blowing and musicality is far beyond my previous arm with the same cartridge (Linn Akito II). Hard to imagine a better sounding arm.

9/10 by mitsch

find one of these and your questions are gone. has a quality design and delivers all needs (VTA, Azimuth) A great design, and even today serviceable trough audio origami - i think its a better performer with mid to lightweight carts, endless drive and pressure with e.g a ZYX RS20, 30, 50 Cart, blows every CD Machine!

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