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Syrinx PU2 Reviews

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Syrinx PU2

Syrinx PU2

9/10 by maz1957

A pig to set up but when it’s done right it’s very good fast, dynamic and open.

9/10 by theaudiohiffle

The PU2 is identical to the PU1, but is finished whereas the PU1 looks like it was made in a garage, which it may well have been. I used both on a Linn-Sondek between 1980 and 1999, mainly with an Accuphase AC-2 MC cartridge tracking at 2 grams. It is a medium-low mass arm and matched well with this cartridge. It seems flawless overall, and has an exceptionally sweet high end with the AC-2 (and I expect other cartridges as well, since the AC-2 doesn't sound as sweet on other arms.) Highly recommended.

7/10 by p6dave

I have one of these arms. It is fitted onto a Dunlop Systemdek III and has an Ortofon Red Quartet cartride. The sound is excellent with exceptional stereo seperation. However, the hydraulic thing that raises and lowers the cartridge is not well engineered and a bit fiddly. Otherwise it's excellent. I must have owned it for over thirty years but I've only just recommissioned it.

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