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Sonus Formula IV Reviews

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Sonus Formula IV

Sonus Formula IV

9/10 by edmkreed

Sonus Formula IV is the cousin of the Mayware Formula IV. Both unipivot arms with very low mass and they look very similar. The differences being the Sonus tonearm has a different way of setting the stylus weight and also has an upward bend in the arm. Many complain that both of the tonearm's are difficult to set up but actually not so much (refering to both the Sonus and Mayware arms). Instructions are very straight forward and logical. Of course, having a digital scale speeds things up. I have been using the Sonus on a VPI HW-JR equipped with a Shure V cartridge fitted with a Jico SAS stylus for a few years now and could not be happier. I prefer the Sonus to the SME 9 that I have on another table. The Sonus tracks extremely well and with the Shure/Jico Cartridge setup, it SINGS & Swings Beautifully. I am a big fan.

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