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SME Series IV Reviews

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SME Series IV

SME Series IV

10/10 by Swiss1

On my Pink Triangle Anniversary with a Ortofon Black 2M sounds punchy bass amazing highs and awesome vocals to die for better than listening to my CDs on a Quad DMP which I find quite dull compared to this Turntable set up really has brought my Monitor audio 9s alive which I now love even more

10/10 by Brownlow

I heard this a few times before taking the plunge. I do not see a time when I will sell this arm. Partnered with a Dynavector DV-20XH on a Gyrodec / HR-PSU. Bliss.

10/10 by David48

When I said I would spend £3000 for an arm (which still needed a further £1000+ for the cartridge) my friends said I was nuts. Now I just immerse myself in 3d sound via my (Linn/SME IV/Ortofon Cadenza Blue) front end and know that I was correct.

10/10 by Fatmangolf

My second hand purchase of 2009 series IV has delighted me with its clear sound and uncoloured bass. It came with the silver hybrid VDH501 cable and I made an all copper external lead to compare, which I actually prefer.
The arm is mounted on a Michell Gorbe with DC motor and a Transfiguration Phoenix cartridge, all second hand. Great sound IMO although the fixed offset angle means the alignment of my shorter (screws to stylus is 7.5mm not 9.5mmm) cartridge isn't quite SME standard/Baerwald IEC. It's pretty close and sounds good through the albums from start to finish, so still full marks.

Handy tip for series IV owners: I uncovered the FDIV mounting hole and tapped it M4 so I have a height/VTA adjustment screw. Cheap and helpful for quick setup.

10/10 by jacoder57

Not only good but also robust, and beautiful in a minimalist functional sense (less nouveau riche than the SME V). Neutral if the ability to come close to the sound-character of a digital source using the same pre-master is a criterion (yes, once upon a time I made such experiments when adjusting the vinyl equipment), extremely good at dynamics and staging. I use it with an early 90's SME V-tonearm cable (vdH), and over the years (since 1989) have had it fitted with different varieties of AT MC-cartridges of the OC9 and 33 pedigrees.

9/10 by runforfree

Fantastic tracking, rock solid imaging and dynamics,does most things well if critical it can be a little safe compared to say AO PU7.

10/10 by usherbeboy

Fantastic arm - tried with Avid Diva II then Avid Volvere / Koetsu black Goldline - very accurate and fantastically well made - however needs the VDH 501 tonearm cable replacing to realise its potential .

10/10 by rockdove

One the finest arms I've, pacey, agile sound. First rate imaging. (tested with logic dm-101 & avid volvere turntables & koetsu rosewood sig, empire mc5-m & VDH cart.

5/10 by Ronaldodb

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