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SME 309 Reviews

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SME 309

SME 309

9/10 by jazzwessem

Great, universal arm. I use it with a Michel Gyrodec with the added damper unit. Mine is now 20+ years and still in pristine condition, also due to the fact that it is very well made. Interchangeable headshell is a nice feature for a multi-cartridge owner like me. Some adjustments are not as easy to do as with a type IV or V, and the quality of the bearings is told to be a little less......but that does not make this arm less desireable. Love it!

10/10 by bauzace50

This Magnesium tonearm is outstanding. Convenient and friendly cartridge setup and operation. Notable stability even with Grado Statement 1 and ADC XLM. Many differing cartridges have been used and worked optimally without exception. It is a keeper, lovable tonearm.

9/10 by usherbeboy

Again a fantastic arm - capable of taking very expensive carts and doing them justice - would thoroughly recommend replacing the tonearm cable (as with all SME's) , was an absolute gem until replaced with a IV - however the 309 was far more forgiving and no worse for it. (tried with Avid Diva II and Avid Volvere + Koetsu Black goldline

5/10 by jecman

Mounted on my restored Thorens TD124 II. Its very adaptable and easy to set up for cartridge swapping. So far I've had good results with everything I've tried including:
Denon 103r, Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood, Lyra Dorian Mono and Van den Hul Frog.

10/10 by richardr42

superb arm. pounds the daylights out of my cardas wired and reweighted rb300. startling dynamics and bass.

10/10 by karl109

I'll give it a 10/10 rewired with Cardas' 33 AWG & HSL-PCC headshell leads and with the SME IV fluid damping kit. Outstanding match for my Koetsu Rosewood

9/10 by gpdavis2

One of my favorite arms. Well made. An excellent match for the Kontrapunkt b.

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