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SAEC WE-308 Reviews

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9/10 by theclosetguy

When I bought my AR ETL-1 it had a Alphason Opal Arm on it and it bested my highly modified Rega RB700 arm and P-5 table. After a lot of hemming and hawing I bought a WE-308n and replaced the Alphason. The difference is night and day. These SAEC arms are incredible. The combination of table, arm and ortofon Quintet Bronze is now allowing me to hear more of what is in the groove. It sound hokie but its true. Incredible arm.

10/10 by coiner55

Build quality is unmatched and sound not much behind. Will handle low compliance cartridges and as claimed will rule the inside tracks of a record. Set up as one of three tonearms on a SP-10 MK II with a three way switching phono stage it would take small nicks and pops out of the grooves that my other 12 arms would not. Highly recommended!

9/10 by michael h.

Wunderbarer Tonarm

9/10 by Dr Pan K

excellent arm. tracks very well, complete setting options. not a true 12 inch, more like 10.63 effective p/s.

construction quality is way higher than todays best..

9/10 by clarkie23

A giant of an arm. Easily adjustable. Great for low compliance colis and for not much money.

8/10 by monte verdi

Excellent arm! I have used it with many exotic Japanese cartridges and it is has performed outstandingly.

9/10 by ictmanager

Fabulous build quality, mid mass arm....rock solid due to the outrigger weight...used with Transfuguration, Koetsu & Linn carts, it shone with them all...a bargain arm....

7/10 by Norbert

very good arm, works perfect with Grado cartridges

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