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Rega RB300 Reviews

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Rega RB300

Rega RB300

5/10 by keithsfi00

as with most rega products one has to do a load of work to get them to operate correctly

10/10 by Mr Pig

The RB300 is a classic and one of the best Hi-Fi products ever made. It single-handedly wiped out Linn budget tonearms and even made it very hard for Linn or anyone else to sell more expensive ones.

It's tough. Very hard to kill a Rega arm while you could knock over the bearings on an LVX with a hard stare. Does it lack the fireworks on an Ittok? Well, yeah but unlike the linn it will make all of your records sound at least ok. The Ittok will make ten-percent of them sound fantastic and sixty sound like crap.

Is it a bit grey sounding? Yes, but it will work with any cartridge you care to bolt to it so if you can't find a combination that sings that's your fault.

Remove the paint and rewire it and you have a tonearm than can mix it with some of the best arms in the world. And it costs how much? How could you give it less that ten out of ten.

5/10 by schi3098

Lived with it for awhile - cannot say it was a great arm - many people smarter than I love it - however, it did not work for me and my system.

2/10 by bimasta123

Everyone says it's great For the Price. I've had cheaper arms that sounded much better. The one-piece casting was a very sexy idea, but my RB300 was dull, drab and boring. I used it with some great cartridges (both MM and MC) and it sucked the life out of all of them. I rewired it straight-through with van den Hul pure silver wire and added WBT RCA plugs, and it was a little better, but barely. My old SME Series 2 Improved with those awful knife edge bearings killed it, as did a beat-up Technics arm removed from a dead SL1200. The old fashioned Rega R200 which preceded it (made by Acos/Lustre) was also superior. I did everything I could to improve it, without luck. Negative review? You bet, not only disappointed, I felt cheated by all the hype. Maybe I got a bad one? Possible but don't think so: bearings were fine, no visible flaws, not a scratch. Couldn't wait to sell it, even at a loss (I foolishly left the vdH silver in it), didn't even want it as a spare back-up arm (the shabby old Technics is better and doesn't tie up any $). I'm very happy the buyer loved it -- or did he love the hype?

7/10 by The Fast

This is a good arm who has only one cartridge with medium mass and medium compliance.
It sounds clean and without resonances.
For me, it lacks precision in the anti skating. It does not have adjustable VTA, which is a problem.

8/10 by TRIPOD

The REGA RB300 is still my main arm with a Van Den Hul MM-1 on a STD 305M deck, simply said, music to my ears !!!

8/10 by alfakias

very good

9/10 by Gyrodec Man 1967

I have the RB300 with the Tecnoweight & a 2M Blue cartridge . It sounded good but things sounded better when I turned the vtf spring dial beyond 3 . I took a very brave step & removed the spring altogether (irreversible ) Now the RB300 sounds FANTASTIC!!! The annoying ringing tone/greyness has gone & a full confident smooth sound is in place .

8/10 by millie12

For the money, a bargain arm. Works well on my roksan xerses with a Ortofon 2m blue cartridge, musical and involving.

9/10 by lornespry

I have only owned three tonearms so I cannot rate the Rega RB300 in a realistic manner. But, I'll give it a complementary '9' for this reason: owning a Rega has sure made vinyl life simpler than i might have imagined. All the fiddling with head-shells I used to do is a non-issue with the Rega. Instead, you find a cartridge to suit the mass of the arm. Mine is dead stock. Someday I'd like to upgrade the wiring. Nevertheless, it sounds great to my ear just as is with a Shure V15-IV and Jico stylus. The shear simplicity is elegance itself, and the design concept induced me to buy it in the first place. BTW: I disconnected the cuing device to simplify it even more. Cuing the arm/stylus manually has become part of the vinyl ritual, and at the same time, I can be confident that the cuing device is not inducing any interference.

10/10 by Alex1976

10/10 by Wuss

Great arm for the money. I had mine re-wired and serviced by AudioOrigami and have also added the Michell TechnoWeight. Arm really sings now. Can't see me replacing it.

5/10 by KRELL5


9/10 by ducakrugs

A great arm for the price....Have used it on some quite exotic decks....Never loses it's way and very musical with the right phono stage...I use Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator...

10/10 by JaS

Hard to criticise the sound for the price, and a nice arm to use every day if you don't swap cartridges regularly.

10/10 by gavin mcknight

Best tonearm i have ever heard, most precise with almost any cartridge, love it.

7/10 by Ccptan

Amazing value for money but let down by poor internal wiring. When upgraded with Litz wire internally and RB700 external cable this arm is way better especially with image precision, clarity of upper frequencies and bass slam. Also needs a better counterweight (tungsten). limited by lack of VTA adjustment, you need to buy another accessory. Upgraded, still sounds s bit forward and sibilant in the upper mid compared to higher quality arms like Jelco or SME. But great value for money.

9/10 by electrovoice

I have had mine upgraded by Origin Live. Rewired, structural modification and spring removed. Now sounds amazing even with a modest Ortofon Red.

9/10 by rockdove

fab arm for the price. Works well with both MM & MC carts alike. Only the wiring & height adjustment lets it down.

9/10 by namtab

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