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Rega RB250 Reviews

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Rega RB250

Rega RB250

7/10 by blademage

It is working. Thats it. It doesn't look great, it doesn't feel great, it doesn't sound great. But it does, what an arm should do - guide the cartridge. For being one of the cheapest arms on the market it is perfect for first steps on DIY turntables. The plastic counterweight is no negative aspect imo. The AS is crap, ok, but others are no more precise. The real problem is the wiring with arm mass on left gnd.
But back to bargain: When you build a DIY-turntable, start with a RB250(251) and you can mount any better 222mm arm later, and there are a lot of them.

7/10 by gregoryd

Good budget arm. Add rewiring, new end stub and counterweight and it is very good!

6/10 by anthonyw

Would have to agree. Can be upgraded but the cost of this puts it into another league of tonearms that have better sonics. Plastic end stub is a real weakness and was likely a cost saving point during the design stage. Given the longevity of the arm cost/benefit may have been miscalculated by Rega. Lots of tweaks but they all cost $$. Might be better to stump for a better arm in the first place. Recommended in stock configuration for budget tt's.

7/10 by Ccptan

Good budget arm but really does need internal wiring upgraded and counterweight replaced. Ok for a budget deck, but as you go to higher end its limitations become more apparent.

10/10 by Matt Lynch

compared to the competition at the time it was released it was nothing short of a revelation, rega's poor choice of wiring method and that plastic end stub did it no favours ,it was intended to be a high production volume budget arm and i believe rega had no idea of what they had created,, but with a re-wire and end stub replacement it can happily wear cartridges costing way more than the arm itself, and it is still being modified and reworked to this day,

6/10 by mike19455

A reasonable budget arm, but certainly no giant killer.

The recommended upgrades of a rewire and new counterweight gives a worthwhile improvement, but take it to a higher price point, which to me, makes it a questionable buy.

It remains however a good value budget arm.

9/10 by audiopile

Well made and affordable . A great match for low compliance MC's if you add a little extra mass at the headshell.

5/10 by abril

As standard frankly rather grey ,flat and sterile,but well made and a bargain at the price.
Given the cost of upgrading would rather go somewhere else from the outset.

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