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Rabco SL-8E Reviews

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Rabco SL-8E

Rabco SL-8E

5/10 by jgl

I have a Rabco SL-8e tone arm mounted on a Thorens TD125 turntable (I've had this since 1973). It is all in great shape except when I went to play it after it sitting awhile I discovered that my Blue Point Cartridge had no stylus.
Any suggestions for what cartridge to replace it with? I have another turntable with a Denon DL 103 which is nice but I have no basis on which to make a decision on which would be a good choice. Please help.
Donald Postwood: Did you reach any conclusions?

5/10 by oskar3

I have owned a RABCO SL-8E mounted on a TECHNICS for over a year now and with an ORTOFON VMS 30 MKII. It took a while to set it up correctly (the setup is always a crucial issue on any good arm).
The sound is truly fantastic!

5/10 by ArmandRodolphe

Hi Highway. You are a lucky man to own a Rabco. In the era when it was for sale (end '60 begin '70 ties) there was nothing that even came near to it as for tracking, freedom of distortion, soundstaging and stability (no lateral force, so no need for a compensation that does not solve the problem but introduces new problems). And now in 2015 a properly working Rabco SL8e is still far superior to anything else in the category pivoting tone arms. High End players are very expensive nowedays, but the tonearm design is basically wrong. Linear tracking was and still is so much better than the archaic pivoting system. I started my Hi-Fi fascination when records spinned at 78 rpm and if you dropped them they broke. I owned quite a few top quality players and I still do but I never owned a Rabco, simply because they were not for sale in the Netherlands in the sixtees and seventies. Fortunately the Revox B790 was in 1978 ans I still use it next to my Dual and Thorens players.

10/10 by Highway61

Very nice tonearm iindeed. BUT in my case I had great problems to get it to work properly. The driving chain worked fine but the arm didn't move forward causing the tonearm to move up from the record after some minutes. Really frustrating. Had it on service but the problem continued. So I decided to try to mend it myself. Nothing to loose because I didn't want to pay more for services that didn't work anyway. After removing the the two screws on top on battery side (see manual) It was easy to loosen the chain and simple draw out the whole package including tonearm and the movable carrier on four wheels. Immediatly I could see the problem: the rubber pad was totally destroyed so the carrier couldn't move because the pin couldn't get a grip.
So after putting a new rubber pad (made of rubber from a bicycle mending kit) now it works FANTASTIC. I know that this issue is quite common (the tonearm raises after playing a minute or so), so maybe this info can help. Also ofcourse the two sensors (see manual) must be fine tuned. This is done by using a very small instecks driver in the middle of the big screw situated close to the lifting pin. Don't turn the larger screw.
For locating the rubberpad, check the SL 8 E manual here at Vinylengine. A thousand thanks to the one who supplied this manual.

10/10 by DonaldPostwood

The King of the Seventies! I purchased one of these in the mid seventies for a Thorens TD125 TT that needed a new tonearm. I removed the SME 3009 tonearm and mounting board. I fabricated a new mounting board for the Rabco and spent the next two days dialing it in. We tried various high end MC & MM cartridges with several phono front ends, along with some very respected preamplifiers. We have a very extensive vinyl collection used to audition analog components, as well we use some very esoteric test equipment to help Dial It In to the final test! THE HUMAN EAR!
The RABCO SL-8E easily bested SME, DECCA, and all others that we have auditioned!!!! If you have the time and skill to set this up right, I know of no better tonearm, in this era, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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