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Ortofon AS-212 Reviews

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Ortofon AS-212

10/10 by Peter4103

I have this arm on my Thorens TD 125, which originally came with this arm. I have this running next to my SP25 with EPA 250 tonearm and there is virtually no difference. I've also looked at the TD 125 with SME arm, but found the Ortofon Arm to be the better match and less fiddling with the arm. Easy in set-up and better in sound quality. Very hard to find this arm in good condition though.

10/10 by Ccptan

Excellent Tonearm. Very good detail resolution and imaging. Wide and deep soundstage. No hint of sibilant either or harshness. Using with Ortofon Quintet Bronz cart and Technics SP10mk2, it certainly is up to the task Sonic is equivalent or better than SME3009 (a bit more scale with similar level of detail and insight) and is less fiddle to manage.

10/10 by desertdog

I have one rebuilt by Alfred bokrand, super arm very capable with a wide range of cartridges including spu ortfons. Also will fit easily to a lenco gl75 turntable. Well worth getting hold of one posted 2015

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